Are you ready to never freak out at dinnertime again?

I help busy moms create stress-free meal planning habits so your family dinners can be a place of connection for parents and children alike.

Bring your family around the dinner table every night!

Feel in control of your budget by serving a homecooked meal each night!

Enjoy a sense of satisfaction, confidence, and peace of mind since you know what's for dinner!

Does this sound like you?

You're exhausted from the daily dread of figuring out "what's for dinner".

You're frustrated with overspending on meals out because you didn't plan ahead.

You know you're missing out on connection with your family because you don't meet over the dinner table.

Isn't it time to invest in yourself and learn a meal planning framework that will keep on working for a lifetime!


... beginning your day already having dinner planned.
... feeling successful because you're prepared to serve your family dinner every night.
... having all the ingredients ready to make dinner.
... dinners around the table being all it can be for your family.

The moms I work with:

  • Are ready to do the work necessary for planning, shopping, and preparing homecooked dinners.
  • Want to learn how to set up a repeatable system for dinner planning.
  • Want to feel confident with strategies they can implement right away.
  • Are action takers eager to bring their families to the dinner table so they can connect on a daily basis.
  • Are prepared to create new habits in order to feel more in control.
  • Are excited about leaving the daily dread of guessing what's for dinner each day.
  • Are determined to develop a meal planning method that works for them.

How my coaching can help you:

  • Provide you tools for your own meal planning system.
  • Be your guide and hold your hand through The Dinner Habit framework so you can be successful at every step.
  • Encourage you when you get stuck.
  • Coach you as you establish new habits.
  • Customize your own dinner planning process using steps from The Dinner Habit framework.

My process and coaching is NOT:

  • A list of videos to watch but don't take action on, despite your good intentions.
  • Training on how to serve healthy meals, but I will be your guide and we'll move through The Dinner Habit framework together.
  •  A one-size-fits-all program, but with private coaching, I'll give you the personal attention you need.
  • For a mom who is not willing to doing the work develop new habits.

Hi, I'm Michelle

I get it, creating a dinner planning system can be overwhelming. 

When I first started developing my own over 12+ years ago, there was no one to show me the way. It took me a lot of trial and error to figure it all out and perfect it. 

I've been where you are. I remember how hard it was to overcome the challenges of getting my family to the dinner table and consistently serving homecooked meals.

The Dinner Habit coaching program is the strategic meal planning coaching and step-by-step guidance I needed way back then. 

Family dinners can be simple if you know what to do.

I would be thrilled and honored to be your guide and to offer you a true helping hand.

Work with me in The Dinner Habit coaching program

One-on-One Coaching

Includes four 45-minute sessions via Zoom to teach you The Dinner Habit framework to help you master your own meal planning routine so you can be more consistent with serving family dinners.

Here's what you get with the program:

  • Exclusive access to The Dinner Habit framework and personal coaching so you can learn a meal planning method that will keep on working for a lifetime.

  • Your planning and habit tools mailed to you via US Mail. Yep, you get a goody box in the mail (a $40 value!)

  • Access to The Dinner Habit printable tools bundle via PDF and Canva, or print your own copies at home or a local copy center.

  • An additional 45 minute follow up call to be used within 90 days for support, encouragement, and questions & answers.

Would you like to find out more about The Dinner Habit? Reserve a slot on my calendar for a free info call. I'll give you more info and you can see if it's for you! I'm looking forward to meeting you!