A couple months ago, I interviewed for a super cool job. I actually had to train for the interview! Which leads me to this new tool that I absolutely CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT now! Find it at Otter.ai.

It's a transcription tool. I used it a lot for training because transcribing the training videos really helped me learn the scripts. I dropped the video into Otter and within a few minutes I had a printable transcript.

It was great to have the visual and having the text allowed me to move the important pieces around which helped my learning process.

Another way I've used Otter was for a client recently. They gave me a handful of videos and asked me to cull through and find the testimonials. Ohweeeeee, that sounded a pretty tedious so I stuck them in Otter, got the transcripts, and was able to whiz through and deliver to the client within only ONE HOUR! It would have taken more time if I hadn't been able to use Otter!

Now maybe you're thinking "big deal, you can get transcripts off YouTube". Sure. You're right. But if you've ever tried to get those YouTube transcripts into paragraphs or anything useful, you know it's a formatting nightmare!

So I find myself paying the monthly fee and I'm so grateful to have it! I do some volunteering and it has helped me with some tasks there too!

Here's my referral link if you want to check it out: OTTER

So...what's something YOU can't live without? I'd love to know!

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