Are you feeling called to bring your family back to the dinner table?

I help busy moms create stress-free meal planning habits to get dinner on the table so that family meals can be a place of connection for parents and children alike.



You're prepared to train yourself in simple steps so you can build the habit of consistency and effortlessly plan your meals.

You're excited to take action and use The Dinner Habit tools to reduce decision fatigue in the process of meal planning.

You're ready to enjoy a sense of satisfaction, confidence, and peace of mind because you know "what's for dinner every day.

It's time to invest in yourself and learn a meal planning framework that will keep on working for a lifetime!


You're stressed out because you're throwing together last-minute meals.
You feel guilty about the lack of consistency in your family's mealtime routine.
You overspend buying meals out due to a lack of planning to cook a homemade meal.
You feel frustrated with yourself for not having an efficient method for meal planning and grocery shopping that works well for you.
You feel overwhelmed by the daily task of preparing dinner for your family.
You feel confused about how you can create a meal planning method that runs smoothly for you.

All in all, you feel like you are successful in so many other areas, but you feel like an epic failure when it comes to (consistently) getting homecooked meals together for your family.

Imagine having a daily family dinner around the table...

Imagine having what you need to fix a homemade dinner every night.

Imagine starting your day knowing that you already have your family dinner planned.

Imagine feeling connected to your family because you've been able to sit and enjoy each other's company.


Imagine having a plan for dinner and having it ready so that everyone who passes in and out of the kitchen between activities has food to eat...on demand.

Yes, it's all possible, and it's easier than you think.

You don't have to be frustrated with your husband for not doing his part, and you can drop the feelings resentment toward your family about being the one who has to figure out dinner. 

The truth is, dinnertime can be all it's meant to be.

See How I Can Help You!

Hi, I'm Michelle. Coach for moms who want peace of mind around planning and providing daily dinners for their family.u!

It's easy to underestimate what it takes to plan dinners.

I completely understand! Over 10 years ago, I was at a workshop where I took an evaluation that revealed I didn't have a meal planning and grocery shopping routine that worked well for me.

I was not consistently getting dinners on the table to feed my family but it took this evaluation to reveal to me just how big the problem was.

I was encouraged to embrace a process of self-education to get this area of my life under control.

What came out of that season was a framework I developed that eliminated the stress, frustration, and decision fatigue I had always associated with feeding my family.

I'm Christian, a wife, a mom, and Habits Coach. I teach The Dinner Habit meal planning method to busy moms. Want to know more?



"I have never been very good at setting goals for healthy habits and sticking with the process of achieving them. Michelle not only provided me with accountability but so much more!

I quickly started seeing progress in my health as well as reached my goals but what I am most grateful for are the principles I learned that have stuck with me long after.

I highly recommend working with Michelle! She will go above and beyond for you!" (Accountability Coaching)

How to Get Started:



Click here to schedule a time to hop on a free 15 minute call via Zoom to find out if The Dinner Habit coaching is for you.



Purchase your coaching, receive The Dinner Habit Toolbox (via US Mail), and watch the kickoff training. I will walk you through all of the steps of The Dinner Habit framework so you'll be supported and won't feel alone.



Enjoy each day knowing that you've done your planning and you can stop stressing out about dinners. Enjoy resentment free dinner preparation and a genuine connection with your loved ones as they enjoy a healthy dinner.

The Dinner Habit Coaching Program is Unique!

It's all about creating a new habit. It's not about the food (it can be used with any type of dietary preferences).


  • How to create a weekly repeatable meal planning routine  
  • How to improve your mindset by identifying your blocks
  • Understand what obstacles hold you back
  • How to develop self-discipline and show up for yourself
  • How to engage in your own self-education process
  • How to create habits that support your meal planning goals


  • How to cook  
  • What specific meals to prepare for dinner  
  • How to get your husband to make dinner
  • How to use grocery store coupons
  • How to stay within your food budget
  • How to serve healthy meals, quick meals, or a particular dietary regimen

They say, "teach a man how to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime". Learning The Dinner Habit framework will put you in control of your dinner meal planning so you can have a method that works efficiently for a lifetime!

Hey, mama! I've got you!

When you eliminate this daily stress that occupies too much of your precious time you will enjoy the process of feeding your family.

The stats don't lie! Dinner matters! As of September 2022, 91% of parents surveyed noticed their family was less stressed when they shared family meals together. (Source: Instacart) See full survey here.

Get personalized attention and learn The Dinner Habit framework so you can effortlessly and easily plan dinners for your family. 

Take the quiz to see if you need a better meal planning system (and join my mailing list).

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